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How many lumens for an outdoor light fixture on wall

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Lightening up the outdoors of your home with the right light fixture on the wall is very crucial for outdoor decor. Light and fixture not only add in color to your walls but also light up the area for much-needed security. Whether you need to light up the patio, porch, or your gallery, we will show you how many lumens for an outdoor light fixture on the wall you will need .

The outdoor light fixture on the wall needs to be placed carefully so that the amount of light sconces from a fixed number of lumens is just as perfect as needed. Whether you need to light a black outdoor wall of your apartment or just need to light up your porch around the sitting area, we at “the fancy place” are here to show you just how you can style your exteriors.


Number of lumens for outdoors

The first thing that comes to mind when lighting up the outdoors with a light fixture on the wall is how many lumens will my home finishes ideally need. If you have to light a black wall or you have a fewer number of windows, you will need to up to sconces with 200 lumens per fixture.

For a more lighted up home, even a lower than 200 lumens per fixture will work. Just so you know 200 to 500 lumens will need a wall mount of 25 to 40 watts range with incandescents wattages.

A perfect light wall sconce for outdoor is the KANUT BLUE - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL. Turn your simple wall into an led wall by installing this led wall sconce on the porch.

This wall lamp with a plug with its perfect finish is a legit wall lamp to light up the doorway.

The light fixture on wall for a porch

Outdoor wall lights for security or decor are an essential part of a home. Not only does choosing the right fixture on wall add illumination to your outdoors but also add in the element of architecture to it. Light black or dark walls of outdoor patio with a ceiling light that best suits your lighting scheme.

Helaku Black - Flush Mounted Ceiling Light

An outdoor wall sconce such as the HELAKU BLACK - FLUSH MOUNTED CEILING LIGHT consists of a bulb that lights up the porch for up to 5-10 meters. Nothing can go wrong with this wall lamp with plug as its bulb light up any small porch.

Single Ceiling lights

For instance, if you do not have enough space on walls on the porch, light it up with a single bright ceiling light. Not only does it provide illumination to your porch but it also lights up the doorway for security.

When you need a state-of-art plug in outdoor lighting for the ceiling, the GRUPPA BROWN - FLUSH MOUNTED CEILING LIGHT is a swift and convenient way to display light for showing the door.

Gruppa Brown - Flush Mounted Ceiling Light

Add the Hanging lights

Another way of adding a pleasant atmosphere to your porch is by lighting it up with hanging lights. Light up your porch with 3 to 6 hanging lights with the light-colored sofas to enjoy your coffee in the evenings with a serene atmosphere.

When you need hanging lights to complement your light-colored sofas, the DRAGHÖ BLACK - HANGING LIGHT FIXTURE is just perfect for outdoor lighting.

When you need six bulbs at an affordable price, buy two of the INTEME MULTICOLOR - HANGING LIGHT FIXTURE to light up the porch or hallway. Just let us know whether you need to plug-in or hardwire your hanging light fixture at checkout.

Hanging Light Fixture - Inteme MultiColor

Pair outdoor wall lights

To add in extra illumination pleasing to the eye, add a pair of outdoor wall lights to light up your doorway and light black and dull walls.

The BERÄTT WHITE - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL is the perfect wall-mounted sconce that complements your outdoor wall and door in pairs. This hard-wire or plug-in wall lamp LED light of up to 3 meters are perfect to light black area surrounding it.

Light up your address

The light fixture on wall plays an important part in not only lighting up your porch but also displaying numbers and addresses that are important. Light up your porch with an outdoor light fixture on the wall for the ease of showing your address for delivery people and guests.

Light Fixture On Wall - Uppsät Black

When you wish to light up your address from dusk till dawn, the UPPSÄT BLACK - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL is the perfect plug-in socket or hardwired wall sconce for highlighting it all day long.

When you need an LED light to light up your address from dusk till dawn, the VILKEN WHITE - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL works wonders!

Outdoor lights for gate

Light up your entryway and gates for security and outdoor decor. A pair of lights on the wall for a large gate or one single light for a small gate can work wonders in illuminating the front porch.

Light Fixture On Wall - Ordmen Yellow

A ravishing mount light for outdoor lighting is the ORDMEN YELLOW - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL which can be hardwired near the gate to light up the outdoors from dusk till dawn.

Create modern vibes

Create the modern or the contemporary vibes by using your porch to show-off your taste in decor. A home styled with the modern lights shows off a personality that knows what modern style statement means and exactly how illumination can be used to show it off.

When you need refined and contemporary light fixtures for your garden or a large wall outdoors, a perfect wall sconce lighting is provided by the HURSA GOLD - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL. Made to light outdoor, these display lights provide the perfect soft lighting at night.

Light Fixture On Wall - Hursa Gold

The ÄNDESÄ WHITE - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL is a transitional modern wall light fixture. It lighting area of up to 5 meters

Use traditional lights

If your home is designed to look like a traditional cottage or you own a farmhouse, traditional outdoor lights are just for you. Designed to show off class and expensive tastes, the traditional outdoor light fixture on the wall can create just the traditional classy look you need for outdoors.

A traditional wall lamp such as the HOLY BLACK - WALL LAMP WITH SWING ARM is surrounded by a beautiful metal cage to give you a lighted space from all sides.

Flush Mounted Ceiling Light - Fågels Black

Another one light traditional wall sconce is the FÅGELS BLACK - FLUSH MOUNTED CEILING LIGHT. Not only does this sconce light brighten the surrounded area but it also adds glamour to your traditional home.

Shaping outdoor lights

When on a lookout for contemporary interior decor in fashion, don’t miss out on the likes of the shape you want your light to be in. Out light and fixtures come in various sizes and shapes. Be it a rectangle, circle, or oval lights, choosing from different shapes to decorate your outdoors can be a fun endeavor.


Whether you wish for a circle or rectangular decorative wall light, the STYCKE BLACK - FLUSH MOUNTED CEILING LIGHT and the SÖDERP BLACK - FLUSH MOUNTED CEILING LIGHT are similar light fixtures in design and color but different in shapes.

 Flush Mounted Ceiling Light - Stycke Black

Another rectangular or rounded wall light is the KODAK - WALL LIGHT FOR BEDROOM which can be put up as wall sconces in pairs. Its light glass shade finishes the incandescent touch that complements the outdoors and adds as a fashion statement with the perfect illumination.

Bring your wall lights for bedroom out

Wall lights are designed to be multifunctional. If you wish to place wall lights for a bedroom as your outdoor wall light, you can simply do so. At “the fancy place” we have created wall lights for bedrooms to light up the outdoor when need be.

When you need bedroom sconces outside, to lighten to light up the hallway or act as picture lights to light up images outside, the TIOKA BLACK - WALL LIGHT FOR BEDROOM lights up a large area of up to 12 meters.

Tioka Black - Wall Light For Bedroom

Another night light and a beautiful glass globe is the LOUXOR CRYSTAL - WALL LIGHT FOR BEDROOM which lights up the area and acts as a modern chandelier to light up a contemporary porch.

 Style statement with outdoor wall lights

Outdoor wall light for light and fixture adds in the perfect scheme for security, illumination, and displaying the perfect architecture. It adds space and color to your otherwise non-illuminated home. Add in as many lumens by choosing the perfect outdoor wall lights from the fancy place- A place where you can trust your home to enlighten with. 

You can also have a look to this genious video, that will help you to choose : 

The STORST WHITE - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL is wall mount picture light perfect for a wall next to a garden. The dull wall turns into a LED wall light that finishes the much-needed picture light touches to light up the surrounding area.

Outdoor wall lights such as the wall sconces and the ceiling lights are available in all shapes, colors, singe bulbs to more and LED lights. Add on these wall lanterns and light wall fixtures to complement your outdoors and add in more light.


Light Fixture On Wall With Lumens

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