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How to buy a rug for a living room?

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Looking to buy a rug for the living room area?

To learn How to buy a rug for a living room area you need to know exactly what size you need. Sometimes you can mistake the size of the floor area and buy a rug that is too small or too big to fit it on the living room floor. Decorate your room with the focal area of attraction by accentuating your room to design and decor it just the way that is right.

At ‘the fancy place’ , you will find the perfect designed black and white geometric rug, the blue and white rugs, rugs for the living rooms area and large rugs and small rugs to fit in the style you want for your living room or the hallway. 🙂

Choose the right rug


When it comes to choosing to renovate or decorate your home, it is important to know the first impression of your home is the last one. One you or your guests first step in, they would step on the rug as they enter. Whether area rugs are chosen perfectly or not to suit the room or hallway, the right rug will give your guests the soft and the calm texture to their feet to understand how important it is for you to style your home your way.

Whether it is the outdoor rug, style, the color of the rug, the soft fabric or the shape, the decision that will suit your home the best can come to be slightly confusing. At ‘the fancy place’ we provide our customers not only the best type of materials and quality to decorate your home but also guide you all the while keeping your interests in mind. 🧐

ALADIN - BLUE AND WHITE GEOMETRIC RUG is a large woven rug for the living room, designed to suit the non slip style. It comes as a shag rug with geometric patterns that add design and charm textures to your sofas, curtains, desks, hardwood and pillows within the living room. Make sure you know the rug sizes before you use them.

What to keep in mind about the rugs

What matters the most is how you choose the rug and where it will be placed. When buying the rug, make sure you know where you will be placing it. Is it going to be in the gallery where there will be a lot of traffic? Are you choosing a rug with a long life with a surface that is used to wear and tear?

Did you place a rug pad underneath the rug to keep it from creeping? Is your rug going to be placed near the doorstep? In case your rug will be placed outside, make sure you know the direct sunlight will cause the color of your rug to fade away. 😅

When choosing to buy the right floral rug for your home, measure the area you wish to place the rug and keep in mind the spot where you wish to place the rug. You will choose a rug catered to that place.

rug with geometric pattern

SYNAS LARGE - Living Room Rug Large also an accent rug is a large rug made of 100 percent polyester, viscose and designed to suit the cushions and furniture for the perfect walk on style. These type of rug runners are an ideal choice instead of carpeting the entire home.👍

Choose a suitable rug material

Whether you need to place the rug in the bedroom, the living room or outdoors, it is essential you choose the right rug material. If you have children or dogs running wild at your home, you may have to go for the material that is durable, easy to manage and easy to clean.

If you live alone or with no children or pets, then a dense rug with supreme level of softness can be used to give you the luxurious and exquisite feel while walking or sitting on it. Essentially you have to choose the longer fibers to suit the luxurious style of yours to last from one rug. If you are elderly with a walking stick, then you may have to choose rugs that come with secured edges.

If you suffer from allergies, try buying an organic weave rug or rug made of seagrass to help keep your allergies at bay. Make sure you clean your rug quite as often, because a little care while maintaining the rug can help it last long.

black and white geometric rug Steg

STEG LARGE - RUG FOR LIVING ROOM AREA is the perfect walk on rug made of high quality polyester. These kind or oriental rugs and contemporary rugs are perfect to hide a milk spill as they are dark in color. Made of light grey and black colors this accent rug with its multicolor design gives your room the pleasant look to your apartment. These are just exquisite to use anywhere around the home and match the bold furniture, sofas, curtains and desks of your home.☺️

Choosing from different rug styles

When it comes to choosing the right rug style, you may have to go with choosing the one that would fit your taste and style statement. Though there is no fx statement or rule attached to choosing the right rug for your home, you may want to choose the rug style that suits the furniture and the aura of your room. Keep in mind the shape of your room, the key design element that suits you and of course the furniture around which you wish to place it.

HUNDRA LARGE - RUG FOR LIVING ROOM AREA is a multicolor rug which displays the ultimate elegance of the Ottoman times. This inviting rug is full of natural and tones down hues and is the perfect walk on a large rug for the living room.

living room rug large - Hundra

Choosing from different patterns of rugs

When it comes with patterns of rugs, you definitely don't want to go wrong along styling it with the furnishings. Imagine choosing a rug pattern which later does not suit or contrast the entire look of the room. It would definitely end up as a disaster for you. 🤩

If you have plain or neutral walls or furniture, then choose a rug with some colorful pattern to give your room some playful energy. Choose from bold colors and patterns to give your room the missing color and style it needs.

SUBST LARGE - RUG FOR LIVING ROOM AREA is a large rug that replaces the old carpeting style. It provides the best modern rugs style all the while decorating the look of the living room. Made of high quality polyester, the bright hues can light up just any room fo the house

Rug For Living Room Area - Subst

If your room is decorated enough with well painted walls and decorative furniture, choose from a rug that is more subtle in pattern to tone down the look. Not only will it showcase the design but also high the room’s decorations. 😎

UNDER LARGE - RUG FOR LIVING ROOM AREA is a custom rug with bright multi colors to suit the home&decor of the home. To match the furnishing and complement the furniture, this contemporary rug gives the colorful striped look that gives energy to the otherwise low toned home furniture or walls.

Choosing from the color of the rug

When choosing from the color of the rug to decorate your home or dining room, examine what colors your home already revolves around.

What color are the walls? What color is the furniture? What color is the door? Or again What color are the hardwood floors ?

What is the color of the decorations of my home? Then enjoy adding in the needed color through the addition of your rug.

If your home already revolved around bold colored furniture, walls and decor, then you may want to choose the color of your rug to match the tone but to look slightly less toned. A lighter palette will accentuate the beauty of the room and highlight the spaces to make the room much larger than it actually is.

rug with geometric pattern - Pund

If you have children at home or pets, then try choosing colors of the rugs to be darker, as spilling milk or dog foot on a darker colored home decorative rug will be comparatively easier to clean and hide the stain.

The PUND LARGE - RUG FOR LIVING ROOM AREA provides the perfect furnishings to your multicolored home. Made of rust colors and cream color this indoor non-slip large rug is made to brighten your mood and the room on any day. 😍

If you wish to give your home a calming aura, then you may want to go with tones of earthy colors. You may want to do that with furniture and walls with cold colors too.

Another great way to match the tone of your style and mood, is by adding the colors of your home in similar colors but by changing the tone of the color. Buy from unified colors the furniture and the color of the rug to match the tone and subtleness of your home. This gives you space to choose cold colors in decor and painting the walls.

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