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How to hang oversized clock for wall | Buying Your New Wall Clock

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How to hang oversized clock for wall and buying a unique wall clock

Looking to buy a wall clock, we have the range just for you - and how to hange your new clock for wall.

Oversized Clock For Wall

Are you also attracted to hanging a large modern wooden wall clock, oversized metal clock, minimalist wall clock, vintage wall clock, or any other wall clock with roman numerals, just any numerals or no numerals at all? The problem may arise as to where you should hang an oversized clock for wall especially if you have a small apartment, or whether you would hang such a heavy oversized clock on the wall.

Whether you need to know where to hang your large wall decorative clocks, how to position it, decorate around it or even how to hang it, we have got you covered here (don't forget to check out our home decor). We have the perfect wall clock modern designs with durable frame material to take your home décor to a new level.


ROUNDS WALL CLOCK IN WOOD and Oversized wall clock


The trend of the oversized decorative wall clock for wall

The world is all about design and decoration. You cannot always have a desk clock in your home office, living room kitchen, or anywhere else as there is usually no space or the mantel is usually covered with many decorative pieces already. A fancy interior with a unique art piece such as a round wall clock or oversized decorative modern wall clocks with fancy clock hand on the wall displays a modern, futuristic and artistic appeal to your room.

Whether you want a decorative metal, moderate metal clock, an oversized wall clock, metal large wall clock with Roman numerals or a handcrafted high-quality wooden clock or a clock with quartz movement or atomic wall clock, you need to choose a wall clock that suits your interior and compliment your metal wall art.

Taking the HÄST WOOD - Wall Clock in Wood is an uttermost best example for converting your wall clock black wall or red wall into an art wall. This clock highlights a true artistic appeal to your room. Its special property lies with its design and high-quality wood especially handcrafted in the United Kingdom.

How to decorate around your oversized wall clock

Are you tired of looking at an old grandfather clock and believe it's time to replace it with a new timepiece? An oversized decorative wall clock is a timely decorative piece in itself for all kinds of walls. Whether it is the entryway or the clack wall you wish to design or want to have extra large wall clocks farmhouse needs or clock for living room, clock kitchen design with a metal frame we have got you covered.

The oversize of the clock itself stands out alone on all wall sizes including minimalist wall choice. It is a great wall hanging for your modern farmhouse.

However, if you wish to add more glamour and style to your room, kitchen wall or office (we have office wall clocks, you can also choose from an industrial wall clock that we offer!), you could place it above the furniture, such as the sofa, wooden wall, tabletop or a wooden study table.

The abstract VÄGGKLOCKA BROWN - LARGE MODERN WALL CLOCK is a kind of metal wall clock and looks good just above a study table or a large sofa in the living room. It is one of the best wall clocks for living and it is a feature of modern home décor.




The ÄTA WOOD WALL CLOCK IN WOOD is a wood clock (see our oversized wood wall clock collection) with its display of wall decor and an uttermost large wall clock which will look good with a ship anchor on the wall or any coastal decor that suits your taste! It can also be an outdoor wall clock placed on the patio.

It also gives the antique wall clock look you will enjoy looking at. The right outdoor lighting with fancy light bulbs, desk lamps or floor lamps will enhance this clock design. It is wall clock designed with solid wood to accentuate your wall art.

Finding the best spot for a large modern wall clock

Hanging a large modern wall clock on the living room wall will accentuate the particular theme and style of an exceptional interior. The oversized clock for the wall can be very heavy and therefore you need to be careful while hanging it.

Taking the TURLIV - Wall clock in Wooda wood clock is a large wall decor clock with frame material wood that will give your room the perfect modern decorative look.

To find the best spot in your living room or bedroom, you first need to be sure you know the large wall clocks for the wall will cover a large area and will not disturb your ceiling fans, and therefore you need nearly a whole wall for it.  Further, you need to know the following:

●  The wall should be functional and appealing to the eye. For example, the LETTIN - BLACK LARGE MODERN WALL CLOCK is wall decor which gives the perfect modern and artistic aura to room your room.

●  It is always better that you hang your oversized clock on the wall near the furniture. Taking the ÄRGANTI BLACK WALL CLOCK is a rustic wall clock -a wall decor is a large clock which will add the perfect combination of your oversized wall clock and furniture (make to check out our large rustic clocks) .

●  Make sure you know exactly where you need to hang the oversized clock. With the help of a partner, hold the large oversized clock near the wall, and see how high you need it to be above the furniture.




●  While holding your oversized clock near the wall be aware of the size of the wall clock (see our guide on what size wall clock do I need). These could range, for example, the KRAFTS GOLD WALL CLOCK is as large as 45cm in diameter whereas the KEDJE WALL CLOCK - a rustic wall clock is as large as 40cm in diameter. These clocks are great gift ideas you can get with gift cards or credit card with low price.

●  You should be aware of the hangers behind the clock wall  as well as the position of your furniture

●  Also, be aware of where you will be hanging on your clock wall. Whether you will be anchoring it over the drywall or wall studs is up to you


How to anchor your modern decorative wall clocks

It is best that you hang your decorative wall clock with the help of two anchors. Choose the hardware and the size of the anchor screws based on the weight of the clock. Make sure the anchors are at the same height by making light marks with the help of a pencil.

Start by measuring the distance from the floor to the point where you wish to hang your wall clock. Then mark the point where your watch requires anchoring. To make the two points of the anchors at the same level, make sure they are at an equal distance from the ground by using a long carpenter’s level.

The INNEHÅ GLASS - LARGE MODERN WALL CLOCK is a large decorative wall clock that is not like an ordinary small cuckoo clock that you’re so bored looking at but is classy but a heavy modern wall clock face made of glass that measures around 2000 grams.


So make sure you know you’re anchoring your large wall clock right, and by that, we mean placing the anchors with the right measurements or else you could hurt yourself or destroy your wall clock. It can also be used as an outdoor clock (see more on clock inspiration for the home).

Locate the Studs to hang your large wall clock

Now that you have marked the points for the anchors and know exactly where you wish to hang your oversized wall clock, you need to know where the studs go. The studs are behind the drywall and to locate them you need an electronic stud finder. Grab the electronic stud finder and locate the stud. Once you are done finding the stud, mark the start and the end of the stud over the wall.

Make sure you drill just right in the center of the stud and its time for you to start drilling!

How long are you going to carry a pocket watch with you? Just replace it. Don’t forget to check out the ENHETS GLASS - LARGE MODERN WALL CLOCK.

This glamorous oversized modern wall clock perfectly compliments any home and any interior. It can also be used as outdoor clocks.

Drill into the stud for your oversized wall clock

Make sure you know your points for anchors are right, and you know where the stud is exactly because once you start drilling you can’t undo it. Now that you are sure, you can start drilling. Now make sure the drilling hole is smaller than the anchor screw. The anchor screws and hardware are based on the weight of the oversized wall clock.

A bulova clock, the STJÄRN GLASS - LARGE MODERN WALL CLOCK in your salon. This oversized modern wall clock face is made up of highly qualitative glass, works with aa battery, and matches furniture of all colors and styles. Try it as an outdoor clock as well, as it works wonders on the patio.

What if you mess up while drilling for the stud

In case if you mess up and drill the holes large enough for the anchor screws, simply drill the holes again at least an inch or two above or below the marked holes, but make sure you do it right this time. Also, avoid hanging nails as they tend to get loose over time.


Do you need an oversized wall clock for your study or office wall?  The MÖRKMA BLACK - LARGE MODERN WALL CLOCK is just about the right metal wall clock for you. With its unique display of maps and design, this high qualitative acrylic oversized clock, powered by batteries not included though, adds a fashionable look to about anywhere its placed.

Looking at these amazing Numeral and Roman numeral wall clocks with distressed gray colors, you’re pretty aware by now that the pendulum wall clocks can be put aside.

What if you can’t find the stud in the perfect spot

Sometimes you just can’t find the studs where you need them to be, worry not because we have a solution for this as well. When you can’t find the stud in the perfect spot to hang your oversized clock on the decorative wall, you can try the heavy-duty hollow wall anchors that can be fastened on the drywall. Just make sure you choose the hollow wall anchors according to the weight of the oversized wall clock.

Wooden wall clocks large or oversized are just about decorative anywhere such as outdoor clocks . You must look out for the PLANEN RED - LARGE MODERN WALL CLOCK- a digital wall clock as this oversized contemporary interior designed wall clock is made for classy interiors and dining rooms. This wall clock can work wonders on a red wall or a black wall. 

As table clocks are totally out of trend, always look for classy large wall clocks to turn your art wall into a digital wall. Now you can replace your wall clock with pendulum with this amazing indoor an outdoor clock. You can also use it as a kitchen clock and avoid being distressed about time while cooking! If you want your clock silent, there are options for you.

Planen Red - Large Modern Wall Clock

Secure the wall anchors to hang your oversized wall clock

Now that you have secured the best spot for your clock, its time to hang your oversized clock on the wall. Make sure your anchors are well marked as this is important. You may check it twice to be sure. Drill the pilot holes through the wall surface and now secure the anchors.

To make sure you’re doing it right, you can also read our manual instructions to be sure of what you need to do.  Next it is time to mount your giant modern wall clock suing the mounting hardware.

A bulova clock, the FLYGAF BLACK & WHITE - LARGE MODERN WALL CLOCK is an oversized modern digital wall clock for walls with light and pure color which any wall into an art wall. Made of highly qualitative acrylic, this oversized wall clock adds the abstract design to just any office wall, Salon or even an industrial wall clock. This clock can also be used as a kitchen clock! It is powered by aa battery not included but you can get one.

Finally, its time to hang your oversized wall clock

Finally, its time to achieve the desired decorative effect you’re craving for! We offer clock vintage design, black metal clock clocks with frame material metal, and even square wall clock. Hang your oversized wall clock on the wall with the help of your partner and you’re good to go. The interior of your room is not only complimented by your oversized wall clock but is also complete.

Time and modern decor are both important for the modern world we live in. You can beatify you gallery wall with clock modern or clock rustic designs from the mid century. You can enhance your entire house within few minutes, and you can achieve just that by just simply hanging your oversized wall clock! You can place orders and provide your personal information; we will deliver!

Oversized Clock For Wall

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