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How to install a sconce light fixture?

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How-To: Installment of sconce light fixture on the wall

A well-installed sconce lighting fixtures on the wall can clearly highlight classy details and elegant designs within your room along with increasing wall lighting. 

Oklak Black Light Fixture On Wall

To bring out the right aura and lighting is a necessity of a luxuriously styled room such as your bedroom or the entryway of your house. Installment of a well-placed wall sconce is a challenge if you don’t know the right steps.

By learning step by step over how to install a sconce light fixture, you can understand the details of a variety of visual lighting placement.

Importance of light fixture on wall and functionality

The light fixture on the wall is an asset when placed just right. Taking the Kodak- Wall Light for Bedroom as an example. The perfectly selected sconces can be placed exquisitely along with just the right functionality.

Kodak  White Light Fixture On Wall

Wall light sconce for bedrooms are a better option than ceiling lights, floor lamps or lanterns as they can be placed to serve as dimmer for room lighting along bedside or on the side of the bed to provide brighten night light for night readers. Other light led bulbs as light fixtures on the wall grab attention towards spacing within the room if it has spatial limitations such as the Tioka White- Wall Light for bedroom.

Tioka White - Wall Light For Bedroom

Some highlight the corners and some showoff the intriguing decorative designs of the rooms, like how our favorite Skyscraper LED- table lamp for bedroom turns the wall into Led light wall.

Placement of light fixture on the wall of your bedroom

In the world of modern lighting, the placement of wall lights for the bedroom is based on its functionality. If you are a night time reader, you need to place the sconce on the side of the bed to serve as a dimmable option.

A beautiful sconce such as the Foljmi Gold - Wall Lamp With Swing Arm is an ideal choice. You should be able to comfortably read your bedtime favorite through perfect lighting. Your wall lights in your bedroom do not depend on the position of the bed in this case. It relies on where you lie down.

Slaka White - Wall Mounted Reading Light

Hope in your bed and assume your resting position in which you read. A great wall lamp with a swing arm is the Slaka White - Wall Mounted Reading Light for night-time reading.  Mark the position which helps you easily reach for the switch to turn on and off.

Next, mark the height of your shoulder. Now hope out! We got to complete this quick and easy procedure. You can continue to lie down later! Make sure the light is a few inches above your shoulder, the ideal place where you’re comfortable with the light

Ideally, your bed will be around 25 inches in height. If your bed is 25 inches in height,  the light fixture on the wall will be 5 feet above the ground.
Make sure you take individual measurements before placing your light fixture on the wall.

Wall lamp with swing arm

Selecting a plug-in sconce is an optimal choice these days. Simple and easy for the fixture, wall lamps with swing arms are an ideal choice for today. A unique and elegantly designed wall lamp with a swing arm includes an all-time favorite, MaanHar - Wall light for Bedroom.

MaanHär - Wall Light For Bedroom

Since it is easy to move and easy to install, the wall lamp with a Swing Arm can change position, so you can also place it between 4 to 5 feet above the ground. Another favorite design of light wall sconce lamp with swing arms is that they can easily be removed and used elsewhere!

 A step by step guide to Light and fixture

So your old sconces with plain designs bore you out and you need to replace them with more fashionable ones. Semä Gold - Wall lamp with swing arm gives a modern look to your room and also provides a comfortable environment for your room.

Sema Gold Wall Lamp With Swing Arm

Or if you need to update the look of your bedroom and want to install a wall sconce, Skaala Glass- Wall lamp with Swing Arm is an ideal choice. Light and fixture is a challenging procedure, but we have made it simple. Just follow these steps for the right way for the light fixture on the wall and in no time your wall light such as for your bedroom will be placed!

Skaala Glass - Wall Lamp With Swing Arm

If you have no idea, light fixtures of sconces are on the wall. Yes! It’s obvious you know, but that’s where you will be working (unless you thought the floor). There is a different procedure for those who wish to install from scratch to those who wish to replace them.

So what do you need? You need your favorite sconce (of course!) and the following :

  1. Voltage tester
  2. Drywall saw
  3. Drill
  4. Utility knife
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Wire strippers
  7. Long-nose plier
  8. Lineman’s pliers
  9. Cable
  10. Switch
  11. Electrician’s tape
  12. Switch box (with clamps)
  13. Fish tape
  14. Wire nuts

To begin lighting up your room, Your first step will be:

Step 1: Marking the area of placement of the wall lamp

Mark the area where you wish to place the wall lamp with plug. Unscrew the bracket from the back of the wall lamp and use it to place the mark on the wall. Our wall lamps come with easy packaging and the best designs. Just look at the Alltanda Glass- wall lamp with swing arm, and you will know what we are talking about!

Älltanda Glass - Wall Lamp With Swing Arm

Step 2:Installing the Run cable

Shut off power and mark the area for the fixture of light. Drill in small holes (you can later enlarge them with a knife) for sconce box and wall light and run the cable from the area of light fixture to the switch.  The small holes will give a firmer connection to the wall for the wall lamp. Now secure in the cable by clamping it. And you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Install The Box

Next, Install the box by gently pushing it within the already made hole and hold it in by tightening the screws. Tap the box gently with the back of the screwdriver. If the hole is small, gently increase the size with the knife.

Step 3: Wiring for your favorite wall lamp

Connect the ground wire and the white and black wire with the white and black lead respectively. Remember to test for power to make sure you’ve done it right.

Step 4: Time for Light fixture on the wall!

Place the wall lamp over the center stud and tighten the nuts. Next, secure the base. Install the light bulb (on the recommended wattage). Clip the lens, wire the switch and voila!  You’re done!

Replacing wall lamp with plugs

Wall lamps these days come in handy with easy to plug-in guides. We provide you easy to plug-in lamps. Taking the Holy Black- Wall lamp with swing arm as an example.

HOLY Black - Wall Lamp With Swing Arm

It’s elegance and unique look makes it stand out among all the wall lamps you can find. Another new look amongst the modern trendy look includes the Oklak Black- Light fixture on the wall. It not only comes in different colors (green and white), but it is also made of high qualitative materials. Simply replace the old sconces with new ones and install your wall lamps with plugs. Oh! And anyone would love to install the all-time glamorous and chic styled wall lamp, The Gullfis Black!

Güllfis Black - Light Fixture On Wall

Need a new wall Lamp with Swingarm

Our quantity comes with quality. Wall lights for the bedroom can easily be replaced with the new ones such as the perfectly designed wall lamp with glass shade, Jordhim Glass - Light fixture on wall.

To install a wall lamp with a plug you can easily replace the old with the new wall lamp with a swingarm. Light and fixtures are quite easy to install this easy way.

All you will need your screwdrivers and wall lamp

Step 1: Remove the old light fixture on wall

Shut off the power. Next, unscrew the old lamp with the help of the screwdriver from its place. Liftoff the old wall lamp and let the bracket hang on. You need extra hands for this. Call a friend or your partner to help keep the bracket in place. The bracket is heavy so it can slide down, and you definitely do not want that!

Step 2: Unwire and remove the old bracket

To have a clean slate to work on, unwire the old bracket. Remove the white wire, the black wire, and the ground wire. Next, unscrew the bracket you’re done!

Step 3: Install the new bracket

Install the new bracket by screwing and wiring in the bracket. Attach the white wire with the white lead and black wire with the black lead. Attach the ground wire. Tuck in the wires but make sure the white and black wires do not touch each other.

Step 4: Attach your new wall lamp with plug

Now you’re ready to attach your new wall lamp with a plug. Attach your light fixture with the new bracket taking Kobalt - Wall mounted LED Sconce as an example. Screw-in the nuts of the wall lamp as explained previously and you’re good to go! Your wall lights for the bedroom are ready!

Kobalt - Wall mounted LED Sconce

Now that you have mastered the art of placing wall lights for your bedroom, a light fixture on the wall is of no problem at all! Whether it is a wall lamp with a plug or wall lamp with a swing arm, you’re a pro for light fixtures!

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