How to install an exterior wall light fixture on siding?

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How to install an exterior wall light fixture on siding?

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It is quite simple and easy to install an interior light fixture as all the wiring installed receives its insulation from the exterior. On the other hand, it becomes an arduous task to understand the light fixture on the wall when an exterior light fixture on siding is involved. To go ahead and DIY the exterior wall light fixture on the siding, we will help you with the installation of your favorite light sconce an easy endeavor!😎

Light setups and installation of light sconce nowadays come with rubber gaskets or seals along with the required insulation. So the whole process of installation and the installed light fixture on the siding is a safe process.

To make it even safer, some of the light sconces come with mounting blocks which are far more safer to install and use.👨‍🎤 To help you illuminate your house the best way, we will show you how you can safely install the exterior wall light fixture and the ideas through which you can decorate your exterior wall light fixture on the siding.

Flush Mounted Ceiling Light for front door

Ideas on lighting placement

Similar to decorations of the interior, your exterior needs to be decorated and well lit. Therefore, adding in the best possible illumination is obviously important. Not only will your home look well lit and nice, but it will also be well decorated with your favorite light sconces. 💡

Lighting up your front door

 Now the most important part is lighting up your front door just perfectly. Since your entryway cannot go away unnoticed, you need to be careful while lighting it up. Depending on how you style your exteriors, the types of lighting you use, your front entryway will have different ways of fitting options of illumination. All of these together depend on the style you have, the size of the entryway, and where you wish to place your front door lighting.

All these options vary whether you choose to hang the light fixture, or use it as a light fixture, be on the wall. Even though lighting the entryway gives a fabulous impression be sure to keep the safety of your outdoor lighting in mind, and never let it out of your consideration. For tall entryways, you will prefer hanging lights and for short walls, bilateral or unilateral side light fixtures on the wall will look great.

The FOTVÅR GOLD - FLUSH MOUNTED CEILING LIGHT 💡 are the latest lamps when used in pairs to brighten up the front way. It can be used as accent lighting to highlight the intricate designs that pave the way of the entryway.

Another way to light up your entry post is to use pier mount lights. These pier lights are created for the well-decorated homes with piers and columns.

This adds in a unique touch of elegance and brightens the entryway enough to make your entryway stand out. This light fixture accentuates the pier or stone to bring out the beautiful colors of the entryway in a well-lit manner. 😇

You may or may not have piers in the entryway or your front door. If you have piers on the walkway leading up on the front door, you may install the pier lights for a well-illuminated walkway to create a serene environment for yourself to enjoy your way to and forth your home.

Exterior garage light fixture

Just like your living room wall lights are important for the interior, your exterior garage lights hold equal importance. Lightening up your driveway and garage lighting impact a lot depending on the way you illuminate it.

To illuminate your garage well, install the light fixture on the top of the wall. The highest point of the garage is where you would wish to install your light fixture on the wall. These illuminated light sconces will give your garage an attractive look and light up the driveway all the way to the basketball court. 🏀

Exterior lighting of the Garden

 wall mounted lights outdoor

Imagine the wall lights for your bedroom. Are they important to create a serene atmosphere? If yes, you could create a relaxing area outdoors as well. Imagine enjoying those calm nights in a well-lit garden.

Paying attention to the landscape with the post lantern lights lighting up the night.

The JORDHIM GLASS - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL is made of glass and gold metal fit for outdoor lighting fixtures. It replaces the need for floor lamps and ceiling fixtures to perfectly accentuate the outdoor garden decor.

Even if those post lantern lights are not lighting up the garden during the day, they add a decorative look to the garden. Their beautiful illumination 💡 brings out the beauty of the green grass, lighting up the garden with an artistically chosen light bulb of choice. The lighting curb appeals to the front yard bringing out the sophisticated style that your desire to show off.

Enhance your landscape lighting and enjoy your garden in the morning and evenings and host out your parties to enjoy your entries as much as you do your interiors. Not only will they add in a decorative illuminance, but also the light bulbs will help provide the security you need for your outdoors. 🚪🚪

Lighting up the Porch

Whether you need living room wall lights, wall lights for the bedroom, or the wall lights to light up the Porch, we have you all covered. We at ‘the fancy place’ provide the best ways and light sconces to light up your porch the way you like so that the time you spend on your porch is enjoyable whether you are outside on a cloudy day or a beautiful summer night.

You could either light up the porch space with an outdoor fan light or have a hanging light with many bulbs, the choice is yours.

Vintage Hanging light fixtures

The LYKPA - PENDANT LIGHT WITH ROPE is an amazing post light that perfectly acts as an outdoor light giving an impression of boarding commander Cousteau’s ship.🤩 Not only do these serve as security lights but are amazing lighting solutions for lighting up the porch.

If you are conscious about your lighting style, let us tell you lighting has more impact than you think. Not only does it provide you the safety of your home, but the different sizes, the different types of bulbs used, the sizes of the light sconces, the colors, and the placements all of them matter unequivocally. The only difference it makes is that it makes your porch stand out beautifully to just the way you want.

Lighting up the walkway

 If you wish to light up your walkway all the way to your front door, you have just the perfect idea in mind. With many options available in ‘the fancy place’, you can choose from the wall lights, to the low ground lights, to the hanging lights.

The low voltage use of the DÜSTAR INDUSTRIAL - LIGHT FIXTURE ON WALL gives an inviting aura to home exteriors by lighting up the walkway. These act as post lights under the dark sky as lighting fixtures illuminating the walkway with their perfect lighting design. 🔥

Light Fixtures On Wall Industrial

Lighting up the Pool exteriorly

If you wish your pool to be illuminated well, or you wish to create your yard into a well-lit pool, you have many options of illumination to choose from. You may choose from wall mounted lights on the doors to the light fixtures on the wall to the options of lights beneath the water.


Here is a quick video of the best Pool lights in 2020 for inspiration : 

Lighting up the house exteriorly

It is quite obvious you would wish to light up the exterior of your home 🏡 in a way you would love it to stand out. You may install multiple light fixtures on the wall or hanging lights depending on our taste in decor.

Can be mounted in pairs as ceiling lights, the MUSIKD BROWN - FLUSH MOUNTED CEILING LIGHT 💡 are beautifully designed path lights made for lighting outdoor of your home. These outdoor lights are the perfect solution for home exteriors, deck lights, and path lighting.

Lighting up the railings exteriorly

Do you have a beautiful chosen railing for your terrace and stairs? Well then light it up with the outdoor lighting that surrounds it. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the design to stand out at night. You could either light up the railing by installing small light sconces within it or install a light fixture on the wall next to it.


The VITBAR BLACK - FLUSH MOUNTED CEILING LIGHT is the modern outdoor chandelier that provides the downlight needed to accentuate the modern railing design needed for an outdoor lantern. 🏠 Not only do these act as lamp posts for highlighting all walls but gives the outdoors a textured look.

Outdoor lighting of the address

Lighting up the wall-mounted lights on the door is important, but what if a new friend is out there to surprise you but just needs to check up on that address of yours. Consider illuminating the address whether it is on your home, the post, or on your mailbox. It gets quite helpful for people to see and read your address at night 🌑 . It will help your home stand out as many people often forget to illuminate it for other people’s ease.


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