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How to DIY wall shelves & ledges?

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Wall shelves and ledges are great for showcasing your books and other things. To help you decorate your home better, here is how you can DIY with a wall shelf and ledge. Let's get started with floating shelves for you.

So have you been waiting to decorate your hallway and you need someone to guide you. Or perhaps your living room looks quite bland and you need to decorate it with small memorable items. Now is the time you assign a library into your living room or simply just wish to decorate your home with shelves and ledges with a display of family photos.

Wall Shelf And Ledge  Ansikte Wood

Do you wish for a decorative shelf or wood floating shelves to decorate your gallery wall? Try installing ÖPPEN WHITE - WALL SHELF AND LEDGE. Its exceptional style makes it a best organizer.

It works both as a bookcase as well as a wood shelf to match the wood of your room. Drilled with the help of bolts, this plywood shelf is the bookshelf with a small space.

Floating shelves with books

Whether you are out of space for books in a room or you need a bookshelf, the floating shelves with books come in quite handy. We wish to save you time to build a floating shelf at home, and tuck away all the clutter but with an eye-catching accent.

With our floating shelves with books manufactured with fine material with a clean line design, your living space will be in a contemporary assembly in no time. With our hanging hardware provided with the floating shelf with books, you will be hanging your books in all those shelves in just about no time!

Floating Shelves For Books - Kropp Red

Are you tired of the same old styled bookshelves where you pile all your books in just one space. The new modern styled KROPP RED - FLOATING SHELVES FOR BOOKS mirrors the modern style of decorating your gallery with books. You may install a series of these colorful floating wall shelves to decorate your child room with different colored bookshelves or you good turn your blank wall into a colorful one with this display shelf.

Wall shelves with ledges

It is time you showcase all your decorative items on the walls of your house. Be it the family photos, candles that you love or the flower vases you wish to keep away from your children, simply save all your collectibles on the range of wall shelves and ledges we have to offer. With lasting durability and high quality material, these wall shelves and ledges are made to fit just all your indoors. DIY steps below will help you hang your objects with easy installation.

The modern shelving system revolves around wooden shelves. The SÅNG WOOD - WALL SHELF WITH BRACKETS are the ledge shelves that you need to replace that space on your desk. With its clean lined design these ledge shelves are the perfect display shelves for storage of books, pictures, the remote control and all the small objects you wish to stack.

Wall Shelf With Brackets - Sång Wood

DIY wall shelves & ledges

Whether you are confused over how to hang wall shelves with brackets or you need to be your own carpenter while being stuck at home, it is time you do it all yourself!

Ditch the glass shelf in your washroom and replace it with a modern style shelf and ledge that would give you the best shelving system. The ANSIKTE BLACK - WALL SHELF AND LEDGE is the best shelf bracket for your bathroom.

Useful to hang towels and place toothbrushes, this wood shelf can be matched to your bathroom rugs in black. You could also attach this wall shelf and ledge in the entryway to hang your keys and place all the essentials. Be it the bathroom or the entryway, this wall and shelf finishes that elegant and classy look.

With a wish of a floating shelf or shelves with brackets, here is how you can make your home turn into a traditional or modern type, depending on your taste.

Wall Shelf And Ledge - Säker White

The SÄKER WHITE - WALL SHELF AND LEDGE set to mantel and those extra things you just cannot hide in a drawer. Be it the bathroom or the kitchen, put all the essentials onto this white shelf and display your organized style by this wall mounted shelf. You could also replace that old rack with this wall shelf and ledge and create it into a classic picture ledge. 

Step 1 : Come up with an idea!


Don’t forget this is the most important part. Ask yourself the following questions when you wish to hang shelves and ledges.

What do I need the wall shelf or ledge for?

How many items do I need to hang?

Where are the available spaces on the wall for things I need to hang?

What color combinations am I looking at?

Where do I first need to hang my floating shelves for books?

Do you wish for a decorative wall shelf that matches your furniture? The SÄKER WOOD - WALL SHELF AND LEDGE is a perfect claim for the distressed organizer. Made of bamboo this storage shelf is a perfect fit to place next to your wooden desks or your kitchen cabinet or even the living room.

Place all your essentials in just one shelf and think about being distressed with storage space again. With this perfect addition to your interiors you are bound to never go wrong!

Once you are done answering these questions for yourself, it is time you go onto step two.

Step 2: Choose the things you need to hang your shelves and ledges


Some of the tools that you will require while installing shelves and ledges include

Wall mounting brackets that we will provide you with

●     A screwdriver

●     A bubble level channel

●     A measuring tape

●     Toggle studs

●     Pencils and

●     Mounting studs

Step 3: Mark the area where you wish to hang your shelf or ledge


Mark the are on the wall where you wish to hang you shelf and ledge. Make sure it is at an equal distance while marking it.

Step 4: Locate the studs on the wall


With the help of a stud finder, find the studs in the wall. Make sure you mark the area with the help of a pencil. Make sure you know where you are marking these studs, as you will be using these studs to hang your shelves and ledges.

Step 5: Mark where you Attach the bubble holding channel


Insert a small bubble level into the bubble holding channel of the wall mount bracket and orient the bracket so that the lines of holes are positioned above the level holding channel.

Position the wall mount bracket against the wall and adjust the bracket side to side until one of the holes align to the said mark. One or two studs may overlap the bracket depending on the length of the product.

Once aligned with studs use the bubble level to make sure the bracket is on level on the wall. And then use the pencil to mark the of the pencil to mark the one or two holes that align with the wall through the holes located at each end of the bracket with the toggles.

Step 6: Attach the bubble holding channel on the wall


Now set the bracket aside and set toggles in the wall at the toggle marks previously made using a screwdriver. Continue rotating into the large frames into the surface of the wall.

Do not over tighten. Return the bracket to the wall and start aligning the end holes with the toggles. Next insert the toggle screw into each toggle and tighten it till it's tightened.

Next use a screwdriver or drill to install a stud mount screw directly into the wall with the help of one or two bracket holes that align with studs. The wall mounted bracket is now mounted into the wall.

Step 7: Install your shelf and ledge

Now Lift the ledge or shelf against the wall where the mounted bracket is attached.

Lower it against the mounted bracket, and make sure your shelf is firmly attached to the wall.

Viola! Your shelf or bracket is now installed!

Ditch the old racks and convert your kitchen into a shelving unit. With a wall mounted shelf such as the HUVUD BROWN - WALL SHELF AND LEDGE you will be displaying your interior decor in an organized manner.

Add all the kitchen essentials on this shelving unit and never worry about stashing them all into a drawer. Made of iron this huvud brown wall shelf and ledge also comes in different colors of black and white. Whether you want a wall storage or just a different colored wall shelving these add a glamorous look to your kitchen or gallery.

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Now that you are a perfect pro installing wall shelves and ledges, you can never go wrong with installing the perfect shelving unit in your home. Explore our website for all the possible range of wall shelves and ledges, wall shelves and brackets and floating shelves and turn your blank wall into a decorative one!


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