21 list of things in living room

21 list of things in living room

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21 List Of Things In The Living Room: Essentials For The Heart Of Your Home 

When you’ve finally found the right apartment or home, and you stand excited in the midst of your empty living room. Now what can you do to make it as cozy and as comfortable as it can be? It has to be homey and hearty, because that’s where you find solace after a hard day at work, have lots of TV and music time, do yoga or meditation, and hold parties and receive your darling guests, among others.

Primarily, you’ll have to find the right living room furniture. That’s pretty basic, and there’s more to that to make your living area a homey space for yourself and your family. Art work here and there. Some decorations. What about adding a personal touch? 

Before you get muddled up, read on further, because we know how it feels. So below is a list of 21 living room essentials that can make your decorating endeavor easy. What are the fundamental things that you should place in your living room?


Living room design

Also called the couch, and the largest and most important piece of furniture in the room. Functionality should be your main consideration, such as how many people you intend to use and fit on it. Think about easy cleaning and maintenance, and how it dictates the theme and tone of your living space.

Coffee Table

coffee table

This item completes the feel of your living room because it is the centerpiece. Look for appeal and practicality because that’s where you place your coffee, the magazine, and the remote control.

Side Tables

You can place this at the edge of your sofa to complement the coffee table. It is also an ideal item for holding drinks if somebody sits at the other end of the couch. Choose a side table that accords with the height and design of your sofa.

Media Table

As a piece of living room furniture, a media console or table holds the TV- which is an essential to every home. See to it that its material, size and design go well with the room and the other furniture in it.

Accent Chairs

If there is extra space, you can place an accent chair next to the sofa. It can provide additional seating whenever you want to have a nice chat with a guest as well as balance the extra space in the room.

Overhead Lighting

This item ensures that your living room is well-lit. You can select a chandelier that is designed with about 4 or 5 light bulbs to achieve this effect. If your ceiling is a bit low, you can opt to install a flush mount.

Table Lamps

These are ideally placed on the side of the couch to obtain targeted lighting when you want to read. Look for a smart design and material that match the theme, tone, and the rest of the furniture in the room.

 Area Rug

Who doesn’t love the feel of a pappy area rug beneath their toes? Such an accessory can actually make or break the space in the living room. Ask for advice about the right color, size and material that will go well with the rest of the items in it.

Bookshelf, or Decorative Ledges

Depending on the available space, you can choose a bookshelf that has 3, 4, 5, or 6 tiers. Those with metal frames tend to be more flexible in design and can be a nifty space saver.

Standing or Hanging Mirror

A full-length mirror can make your living room look warm and elegant. You can opt to arrange it as a door mirror, a body mirror, or a home decor. If you want an artistic display in your space, you can choose to buy an asymmetrical accent wall-mounted one.

Throw Pillows

Incorporate your own personal style in your living room by adding throw pillows. Check that the material is durable and easy to clean, and consider easy-to-switch covers to match the season or occasion.

Wall Clock or Table Clock

A modern wall clock can be placed in your living room to remind you of the time, or if it is an area where you deem time management to be useful. Or else, you can select a small digital table clock with nightlight on the shelf or side table.

Coffee Table Books

Come those lazy weekend afternoons, you can consider placing and reading coffee table books in your living space. The bigger they are, the better.

Throw Blankets

This is one of the essentials in terms of living room accessories. You can use them for snuggling under when watching TV, especially when it’s cold. They can likewise be attractive accents for your sofa.

Decorative Accents

How about adding character to your otherwise monotonous living room? You can place decor accents in one corner, especially those that express your own particular style or personality.

Wall Art and Decor

A large, blank space on the wall can make the room look heavy. Lighten it up with a bright wall decor or piece of wall art. It would surely infuse character in the area.

A Personal Touch

Make the center of your home, the living room, a warm and welcoming area by placing something personal about you, such as family pictures. It will truly make the space special.


You would not want to miss out on what the latest is on Netflix and what people are talking about. That’s why a flat-screen TV is considered to be an important appliance in the house, especially the living room.

Sound System

This is especially necessary when you have friends coming over. Or if you want to enjoy listening to your favorite music on your own.

Curtains or Drapes, and Curtain Rods

Choosing the right design and color of these will significantly alter the look of your living room. Aside from that, they also control the natural light entering it.

Screen or Room Divider

For instance, you can get a Japanese-inspired divider. It can help in creating privacy and defining space in your living room. Make use of its functionality as it hides unsightly areas, too.

There are plenty of other ideas in designing and decorating your living room. Have a fantastic time creating the heart of your home with your personal tastes and preferences.

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