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What is the best way to soften a fluorescent light?

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What is the best way to soften fluorescent light?

Despite the fact that no one can deny the importance of hospitals, few people enjoy spending time in them.

The bulk of the patients there are unwell, the treatments they do are frequently painful, and the lighting is extremely bright and unsettling. That's why, while lighting your home, you should choose light bulbs and fixtures that emit gentle, warm light rather than harsh, abrasive light. First and foremost, you must remember which bulbs you are utilising.

Although fluorescent bulbs are well-known for delivering abundant light in dimly lit areas such as basements or attics, they can be overwhelming when used in fixtures in your living room or bedroom lighting.

There's no reason to toss out a fluorescent light bulb or a floor lamp that uses one. This piercingly brilliant light can be transformed into something smoother and less intense by following a few simple steps.

1st step

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Turning off and disconnecting the floor lamp is the simplest way to get started.

2nd Step

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Wait two hours before touching the fluorescent light bulb, as these bulbs can reach extremely high temperatures and take several hours to cool off.

3rd step

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After that, go to your local hardware store or interior design store and hunt for a lampshade to go over the fixture. You can change the aesthetic of your home while softening the intensity of the fluorescent light by covering it with a stylish shade.

At The Fancy Place, we provide a great range of lighting for all your needs. In addition to fluorescent bulbs, these fixtures operate well with incandescent bulbs, which are significantly less light. You can always check out our mounted lights.

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