Where to find a nice and large woven basket?

Where to find a nice and large woven basket?

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We all know that Woven basket are very trendy lately, but there are plenty offer on the net, so learn  where to find a nice and large woven basket !

When living in an organized lifestyle, a nice and large woven basket from ‘the fancy place’ gives sufficient space to place extra clothes or accessories that would otherwise be left on the floor. Whether it is the laundry, extra books, fruits and vegetables, the large woven baskets help keep items well stored.

😊 The best thing about these large woven baskets is that they look beautiful decorative pieces in home hiding all the items that could have been otherwise piling up on the floor.

Woven Basket for storage

We at fancy place assure you quality material and trendy designs of the large woven basket with enough space to organize all your essentials. 👗👠 Whether you wish to stash away all the magazines in one place or need to organize your shoes in a small apartment, these baskets with handles give the perfect decorative look to your home. To help you get started, here are a few ways you can help your home get organized.🧺

Seagrass basket with lid

The seagrass basket is woven with style to help you decorate yours in an organized and efficient way. These 4 sized woven baskets for storage can be used for storing small accessories such as jewelry or for storage of large items such as shoes. 💍 Whether you need to store extra towels within the bathroom or your wallet and keys at the entryway, the seagrass baskets with lids and different sizes are an ideal solution to display as a storage and decor.

Seagrass Basket With Lid -  Laskorg

The LASKORG - SEAGRASS BASKET WITH LID is handmade rattan basket with lid made as a useful laundry hamper, or to store pillows or act as a storage bin. These handmade rattan baskets are available in four sizes and are stackable one on top of the other. Use it in the pantry for storage or as a bread basket in the kitchen to make the best of it. 🍞

When you need to store a large number of household items or the bulky products, choose from the bigger sizes. The smaller sizes are suitable for small and fewer household items such as bath salts or a wallet.

The WOOCAR RED - WOVEN BASKET FOR STORAGE is just enough to hold in all the small household items such as cubes in your child’s bedroom, 🎲🎲 as a storage cabinet near the sofas, and as a storage solution to store some of the dinnerware within the dining room.

Large Woven Basket - WooCar Red

Woven baskets for plant

When you are bored of the common ceramic pots, the woven baskets work wonders for plants. The large woven basket acts as a perfect storage with its flexible texture to hold in water for the plants. Made of high quality but comparatively affordable material, the large woven basket is an ideal choice to decorate your home with a unique styled basket and well flourished plants. Its lightweight texture gives it an edge over the other commonly used pots which makes it easier to be handled and carried around.

The FØDTBAK - GLASS POTS AND PLANTERS wall basket is a gift hamper for your friends to help them decorate their new home. With no need for shelves and trays to hang on the walls, these pots and planters act as a perfect storage cabinet for home based plants.🌴

Suitable for large gardens and even small apartments, these woven baskets for plants make up the precious decor of your home in an economical way.

Pots And Planter - Tum MultiColor

The TUM MULTICOLOR - POTS AND PLANTER act as the perfectly textured wall basket for plants. You could also decorate these pots and planters near the stools, the table ware, on a matching rug and also as a small storage for plants within the bathroom for fresh air.

woven basket for wall

Get into the trend of decorating your boring wall with a unique style. The woven basket for the wall hangs from the ceiling onto the wall or could be simply placed on the wall so that you could hang your decor to show it off in a different way instead of commonly going for the shelves.

The woven HÄNDA GOLD - POTS AND PLANTER  acts as a wonderful organizer for plants in a small storage space. These plant bowls act as hanging basket and provide a beautiful canvas storage on the wall.🌴

Pots And Planter -  Hända Gold

These woven baskets for wall add in texture to the wall creating a masterpiece with a pleasing dimension that helps incorporate furnishings within the room. You could start decorating the wall by placing one large woven basket in the center with small woven baskets around it.

Another best woven basket for use is the WOOCAR WHITE - WOVEN BASKET FOR STORAGE.  Handcrafted for best use, these rattan baskets can be used for storage of cushions, napkins, rugs and pillows.

Another way to decorate the woven basket for the wall is by placing similar sized woven baskets placed together overlapping each other. This allows more space to attach woven baskets on the wall so you could go ahead and place them all over it.

The WOOCAR YELLOW - WOVEN BASKET FOR STORAGE throws in an ideal trendy look to your room. With a subtle tone and this hand woven storage basket can be used as a space saver for a multitude of household items. It can also act as totes or picnic basket for outdoor use.

woven basket for plant - WOOCAR WHITE

Another way you could hang the baskets over the wall, is by letting it hang down by the ceiling with a chain or thread. Put in small plants or decorative candles to bring life and color over a blank white or black wall.

The WOOCAR BROWN - WOVEN BASKET FOR STORAGE can be placed on table tops within your bedroom or as a household essential to take care of all the dinnerware, laundry, quilts and eatables. Handmade with high quality, this wicker basket acts as a wonderful wicker picnic basket for outdoors as well.

Baskets for bathroom storage

When on a budget, the woven baskets for bathroom storage come in quite handy. Available in all different neutral colors and texture, these baskets are an ideal way to decorate and store all the bathroom essentials. The small baskets for bathroom storage can be placed on the sink to help keep toothbrushes and paste.

The large ones can be placed around the bathtub or shower to place in all the essential bath salts, towels and other needed beauty products. Another best thing, the woven baskets with lids can also act as laundry baskets or bins. 😇

LASKORG - SEAGRASS BASKET WITH LID is a unique decorative space saver and a fabric storage small basket, that fits in all corners of your home. Handcrafted to suit an organizer’s taste, this textured basket brings in trendy decor to your home as it serves as the perfect storage solution.

 Woven Basket For Storage - WooCar Raw

Another great function of these wicker storage baskets is the ability of these to provide a laundry hamper. The efficient use of these wicker baskets as a laundry hamper gives the perfect solution for a decorative and well organized laundry room. These storage baskets when are not being utilized act as totes and wicker picnic baskets. The multitude of functions allows you to be efficient and affordable to live organized and well maintained.☺️

Natural home elements

The woven basket is often made of natural element making them eco-friendly, durable and decorative all at the same time. Whether you need to tuck in all the clutter within your living room or save up extra blankets for a chilly night, these natural home elements play their part best for efficients storage. Convert your home into a well organized spacious place by placing all your home essentials in a neat environmental friendly storage with neutral tone.

WOOCAR BROWN - WOVEN BASKET FOR STORAGE works as a fruit basket, a laundry basket, a storage bin, a basket tray, storage shelves in many numbers and wicker hampers. These well made small storage organizers can be placed on rugs or tabletops to decorate your home in a classy way.

Large Woven Basket - WooCar Brown

You may use these storage baskets to suit your needs as required. If you need different colored baskets, these storage baskets act as both organizers as well as decor to match the furniture of your home. If you need a storage space that is sturdy and easy to carry, these woven baskets for storage come with handles that act as great organizers, picnic baskets and gift baskets for your friend. 🎁

To find your woven basket with the best neutral tones, fine texture, efficient storage space and a likeable storage, visit ‘the fancy place’ and start organizing your dream home and outdoor space right away thanks to the free shipping.

You may also be interested, to learn how to DIY a nice and large woven basket : 

Be it the knitting essentials, home-plants or a quick holder for packing in all the essentials, these basket weaving wicker hampers and storage containers tightly woven to provide you a large space within a small basket. Visit ‘the fancy place’ today to find a rattan basket and a storage basket that best suits your needs and furniture.

Nice and large woven basket for storage

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