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How to change a wall light fixture?

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When choosing a new home or going for renovations in your own home, learning how to change a wall light fixture (or contemporary ceiling light fixture) might appears essential . Also choosing to replace living room wall lights or wall lights for bedroom can be quite challenging if you do not know how to do it right, especially when you know that replacing a  light fixture requires effort and the right knowledge.

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It shouldn’t take more than half an hour to change your light fixture. We will show you step by step guide over how to change a fixture for your room through proper installation. Proper installation would require you to install an electric box that will in turn be secured to a wall stud.

Whether you are illuminating your room with a led bulb or dimmable lights, or you need to showcase your decor with decorative lights, you need to change the fixture according to your taste in style statement. Here is how you can install your light fixture on the wall and install wall sconces to suit your taste.

What you will need for changing light fixture

When replacing your light fixture with a new one, you will the following things,

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Twine
  • Strap
  • 3 wire caps
    1. Flip off the breaker

To begin installing your wall sconce, start by flipping off the breaker in the main panel that controls the circuit. If you are not sure which breaker is for which room, simply turn off and on all the breakers one after the other till you are sure which breaker is the right one for the room you have chosen to change the light fixture in. Now turn off the wall switch that controls the fixture and the pull chain to start your process of changing your wall sconce.

Derast Black has led bulbs to be installed for room lighting. Suitable for contemporary room lighting this wall light comes for those with unique lighting ideas.

    1. Unscrew the mounting screws

The next step involves unscrewing the mounting screws that hold the light sconce in place to the electrical box. If your screws are the decorative ones, they can easily be unscrewed with the help of pliers or by using your hand.

Incase if your old light fixture has slots, use a screwdriver to unscrew the mounting screws. Once your screws are out, remove the fixture from the wall and support it with the help of a piece of twine while you unscrew the wire caps and pull the wires apart.

Light Fixture On Wall -  Rättava Glass

RÄTTAVA GLASSis one of many of our unique ceiling lights and made for people who like the modern look of lighting fixtures. It provides ample amount of room lighting and works great as a downlight.

    1. Compare the mounting plate screw

Now that you have pulled out the light fixture from the wall, compare the mounting plate screwed to the electrical box to the one that is supplied with the new light sconce. If they happen to be identical, you can save time by not removing this mounting plate. If incase they happened to be different, unscrew the old strap from the box and replace it by screwing on a new one.

SKYDDAN GLASS consists of the modern lighting way of design. Light up your room with this energy star lighting fixture that is energy efficient and that also serves as a modern lantern.

 Light Fixture On Wall - Skyddan Glass

    1. Straighten the ends of wires

Now that you have screwed a new plate into the wall, straighten the end of the wires present within the electrical box and know what color of each wire. The black wire will attach to the black one, the white wire will attach to the white one and the bare will attach to the bare one.

Pull these wires out from the back of the light fixture or the lamp and you will be able to that to see the wire colors that you need to attach. Make sure the wires correspond to the wires in the box. Incase your third wire in green colored instead of a bare one choose that one accordingly.

ROPLA GREEN - WALL MOUNTED READING LIGHT is a swing arm lighting fixture which provides the modern lighting solutions to lighten up your home. It can be used as a security light, kitchen lighting, or the entryway. These kinds of hanging lights are the best to light wall to a good extent.

Ropla Green - Wall Mounted Reading Light

    1. Connect the lamp to circuit

Now that you have joined the wired together and connected the lamp according to the wire colors- black to black, white to white and bare or green to bare. Gently twist the paired wires together in a clockwise direction with the help of pliers. Lastly, insulate the connected wires with the help of a wire cap.

ORDMEN YELLOW is a form of pendant lighting but in a modernized way. This kind of light fixture can be used for lighting outdoor or in the hallway. It provides the basic lighting solutions for a contemporary decorated home.

Wall Lights For Bedroom -  Ordmen Yellow

Push the wires in the electrical box

Now you need to push the connected wires gently into the electrical box as they will go. Mount the light fixture on the wall by screwing it to the strap with the screws that were supplied within the box of the light fixture. Tighten the screws gently with the help or screwdrivers or with the help of fingers if those are the decorative ones.

GENOMH WHITE can be used in the entryway. Its brightness allows it to be modern lighting outdoor light with lighting control fit for a security light or for kitchen lighting or pendant lighting.

Wall Lamp with Plug -  Genomh White

Be careful when installing the light fixture

You need to be careful when installing your light fixture on the wall. If you need a ladder to reach to where the light fixture is installed, make sure your ladder is high enough for you to work comfortably while standing on it.


Also you need to be standing on the second highest step to be working comfortably while you stand on the ladder, as if it is dangerous otherwise to stand on the top step of the ladder while working since it may get hard for you to balance.

Don’t be too confident when switching the power off. We care for our customers and therefore you need to take extra care of yourself by using the insulated tool to avoid touching the ends of the wires with each other.

Living Room Wall Lights - Güllfis Blue

OMKOMM BLACK are lighting products fit for led fixtures. It can replace a table lamp or desk lamp and provide the best form of light source for important tasks.

Helpful tips when replacing a light fixture

When installing the light fixture, if our old light fixture with led light or halogen light s screwed to a stud or just to the drywall, install an electric box while installation as it conforms to the code. This electric box helps to keep the electric wires inside and hold the light sconce securely to the wall.

Another helpful tip you will need while replacing your wall sconce is by making sure what kind of incandescent light is needed in the bedroom. Whether you need ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting, choose your light sconce according to the needed task.

 Wall Lights For Bedroom - Dettaf White

VILKEN WHITE can be used as a bathroom light, vanity light, kitchen lighting, or used in multiple numbers as outdoor lighting fixtures. This type of decorative lighting is the best type with the best finishes.

Also be careful about the kind of light bulb you choose. Different light bulbs have different properties. Led bulb can give ample lamps light, dimmable lights can help control lighting in your bedroom and incandescent dimmer light bulbs have their own special properties of providing just the light glare you need.

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No matter what light sconce you choose to replace the light fixture on the wall with a new one. Knowing how to replace the light sconce fixture with a new one can now be a fun endeavor.

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