Where to position wall lights?

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Where to position lights that go in the bedroom?

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Where to position bedroom wall lights or fancy ceiling lights? This is a question many of us already asked to ourselves. With a lot of furniture, limited space and probably a pet, placing an antique lamp on the side of the bed to get some illumination is just too old fashioned. From the modern and contemporary designed wall lights to the traditional and unique styles wall lights for bedroom ‘the fancy place’ cover all the exquisite styles of light and fixture for your bedroom (also see the top bedroom wall lights).

To decorate your home with the appropriate wall sconces you need to know the basics first. Installing the table lamp takes up alot of space! So you need a light and fixture that would be appropriate for your bedroom or living to give it a modern facelift as well as provide the light output which illuminated the rooms to look more spacious and decorated. This is because a light fixture for a wall has a better light output than any ordinary lamp.😊Wall Light For Bedroom on board

Whether you are installing living room wall lights or bedroom lighting, get answers on how to position your wall lights.

Benefits for Hanging wall lights

To start positioning the light fixture, first you need to know the benefits.

Installing lights that have more than one advantage. Not only does it bring in more ambience and style to the room, it brings in the illusion of making the space look a lot larger. The room can be divided and zoned with just the illumination effect of the wall lights.🤩Living room wall lights can be used to bring in more focus to the decor and definition to the functional areas.

Wall lights can be installed within the bedroom to bring it to life. It can brighten a very dull room. Light fixtures can also bring out the boring flat wall to make it look interesting. They can be installed as task lamps with the bedside for reading lights or can be installed in the living room to accentuate the features such as a beautiful frame.

 When installing the wall lamp with a plug, you can also skip the choice of ceiling lights because the illumination is enough for the room.

Tips on position

Wall Lamp With Swing Arm - Slagof

To start installing DIY wall lights, you should know certain tips about the decorative wall lights,

The lights are generally hung on the sides of the bed. This helps illuminate the sides of the bedroom as well as the bed while reading. Hang these bedroom wall lights 5 feet above the floor and 2 feet above from where you sit to make sure you have ample amount of light.

When multiple wall lamps with plugs (see our bedroom wall lamps guide), make sure each light fixture is at least eight or ten feet away from each other.🧐This gives an equal display of light to the entire bedroom and helps accentuate the corners of the room.

The fancy place offers a range of indoor and outdoor wall lights suitable to install in a living room, the doorstep, the gallery and the bedroom. If you want a style that is unique and outstanding with contemporary style, the outdoor wall lights can also be installed within the bedroom.

MÄNFÖR GRAY LIGHT FIXTURE is a light bulb which creates a light wall suited to the needs of the light fixture on the wall of a bedroom or the living room. It replaces the ordinary table lamp with the modern look of the light wall sconce.

Different styles and position of wall lights

Light Fixture For Bedroom - Gatska

There are plenty of unique and classy styles of lights or the living room wall lights or wall lamp for the gallery or outdoors to choose from. To install wall lamp with plug we have come up with a range of ideas to suit your needs

SLAGOF BLACK LIGHT FIXTUREs a reading light with a swing arm. These swing arm lamps work wonders as display lights to accentuate the bedroom decor and provide the reading light you need at the same time.😎

Hotel style light fixture on wall

A contemporary style for the bedroom wall or the living room wall, the hotel style bedroom wall mounted light fixtures are designed with the contemporary luxury style that you can afford. Install it on the sides of the bed with a lampshade on both the sides to give a relaxing dort of light to your bedroom or the guest bedroom.

The GATSKA GOLD - WALL LAMP WITH SWING ARM is a light wall fixture which is a perfect light sconce that will match your wooden furniture and acts as a perfect wall mount for a reading light and night light.😍

Flush light fixture on wall

Living Room Wall Lights

The flush wall light fixture on the wall takes up small space but provides a huge amount of illumination to your room. They are best installed to give lights to accentuate the corners of the room or light up the galler of your home.

SIDANP WHITE LIGHT FIXTUREis the perfect bedroom lights that is plug-in and requires no additional decor with this task lightening. Made of high quality this mount light is perfect for indoors. 🥂

Up and down light fixture on wall

The up and down lights are unique in throwing glare. The free light shines upwards and downwards to illuminate the room the right way. Often creative in show, the designers utilize this form of lighting quite often as it gives plenty of light by taking up a very small space on the wall. Let your creative side get wild and decorate your home with the up and down light fixture to get the best out of on singal deal.

LUKSUS CRYSTAL WALL MOUNTED LIGHTING FIXTURE is the perfect illuminating light that replaces the need of a ceiling lights. It works best outdoors as a post light and works indoors as a task lighting to highlight the room features at an affordable cost. 🤑

 Light And Fixture in living room

Dimmable wall lights 

When you wish to give a relaxing aura to your bedroom, the dimmable lights are the choice you're looking for. Easy to install wall lights, these come with a wall lamp with plug and a dimmable option to suit your needs.

If you want to learn how to install a dimmer switch, this video might interest you :

BERÄTT BLACK LIGHT FIXTURE is an led wall light that lights up and room by creating a light wall for the bedroom. Whether you need to create a light wall from the bathroom wall or the bedroom wall, this led light bulb is an ideal choice when it comes to choosing an ideal led wall sconce.


Wall lamp with plug light fixture

wall lamp with plug green

Installing a wall lamp with plug and a hanging cord gives your room the traditional and a touch of antique style. With the light and fixture from the wall lamp with plug, control the lighting of your room at all times.

ÄNDESÄ GREEN LIGHT FIXTURE acts as a replacement of table lamps and can be placed on both sides of the bed. Designed to suit the calming aura of the bedroom this light sconce replaces all the table lamps of your home.

Plug in light sconce on the wall

If you have rented an apartment and you need to keep your exquisite collection of illuminating light fixtures, then you should buy the plug in light sconces. It adds in a great benefit by replacing the need for ceiling which would otherwise require you to hire a professional to install them.

JAGHAN NAVY-BLUE LIGHT FIXTURE are light fixtures that provide perfect illumination to the room through their plug-in property. It replaces the table lamps or the ceiling light and gives in the display light you need to accentuate the features of your room..😬

Wall Lights For Bedroom blue color

Industrial metal wall lights 

Designed to throw lights forwards and accentuate the decor of the home, these accent lamps provide a wall light when installed in more numbers which are best suited for a kitchen wall, a restaurant and indoors within the drawing room.

DÜSTAR INDUSTRIAL LIGHT FIXTURE are classic and industrial in lighting. Made to provide outdoor lighting and home lighting these metal wall lights provide the perfect modern room lighting to accentuate the mood and provide the needed relaxing aura.

Living Room Wall Lights

Wall lights installation is a work of art.🤩 You are quite lucky to buy a home with the contemporary and modern style of wall lighting. However if you are like most people who never have any wall light fixtures installed or have an old dull looking wall sconce, then you need to renovate your home and consider installing the wall fixture. Nothing feels better as a room decorated with beautiful lighting that truly feels as luxurious and picture perfect.

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Collection Of Wall Lights For Bedroom


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    Bedside lamps are traditionally poorly located at the top and sides of double beds. The ideal but maybe controversial positions should be above the headboard or space and BETWEEN the people pointing AWAY from the center of the bed. In this position the light can never bother the sleeping person and still provides enough light to read by.

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    I love this post! I just moved to California and we got our new apartment, and I am struggling with my bedroom specifically. I love some of these light options – I haven’t seen anything so unique! Thanks for the tips and tricks :)

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