Dining Room and kitchen Chandelier Ideas

5 Dining Room Chandelier Ideas [21/22]

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5 Ideas to Guide Your Dining Room Chandelier Choice

No dining room is complete without a dramatic lighting accent draped over the undisputed focus of the area: your dining table. This can be hard to pick the one though! With the variety of chandeliers available today, it can be hard to narrow down your choices in order to land on one that’s the best fit for you.

The dining room chandelier is a focal point of the room and should blend seamlessly with your various light sources. That said, it shouldn’t have to compete with any other lights: it should steal the show by providing the most dramatic effect.

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Choose a dining chandelier that complements your preferences

For more informal or unusual locations, your choice of finish may have the most impact. Sleek and shining chrome and polished nickel finishes will fit best in minimalist and modern settings, since they convey a clean, shining appeal. Materials like wood or rope will tie together nautical or boho themed themes, while bronze dining room chandeliers will integrate smoothly with more transitional or rustic décor. Mixed finishes are a great way to have the best of both worlds since they make it easier to mix and match new furniture or décor with old lighting fixtures.

Choose a chandelier design that goes well with your dining table

It's crucial to use complementary forms to highlight your decor when harmonising your dining table and chandelier. A round or even square dining table looks best under a circular dining room light fixture, but rectangular dining room chandeliers are excellent for long, rectangular tables. Suspending two or three mini chandeliers for your dining room over your table instead of a single linear chandelier is a sleek and inventive approach to add texture in a space and exercise your design talents if you have a rectangle table but want to employ different forms in your fixture. Large dining room chandeliers, on the other hand, always make a huge statement and, when hanging (check out our hanging yellow light fixture product) over a long dining table, may offer a timeless beauty to a space.

Determine which chandelier size is appropriate for your dining space

Once you've decided on the design and feel you want for your area, figuring out what size chandelier will fit in your dining room can help you choose the appropriate fixture. Chandeliers are statement items that help to bring a room together, so go big when in doubt. A few easy criteria, on the other hand, can help you figure out what size chandelier will look best in your space. A little fixture may be overpowered by a larger area, while a giant fixture in a tiny room would appear claustrophobic and out of place. Looking at your dining table is the simplest approach to choose the perfect fixture. The width of your chandelier should be around 12 inches smaller than the width of your table at its broadest point, as a general guideline.

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Choose a dining chandelier that complements your preferences

When evaluating which dining room chandelier ideas speak to your particular sense of style, visualise the feeling you want to generate in your area. Is your design objective to create a more formal setting? Traditional dining room chandeliers and crystal dining room chandeliers radiate with traditional elegance and a tried and true timelessness. Does your space have a rustic panache? Farmhouse dining room chandeliers are a simple way to convey that rustic pastoral charm.

Find out how to place a chandelier above your dining room table

After you've decided on a dining room chandelier that suits your style, the next step is to figure out how to instal it. Even if the dining table is not in the middle of the room, the chandelier should be centred above it. If you have 8-foot ceilings, the chandelier should dangle 30-36 inches over the table. Add 3 inches for every additional foot of ceiling height over 8 feet for higher ceilings. There are many of other ways to hang a chandelier above your dining table, but these basic guidelines are a fantastic place to start!

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